Peta "Junior" Jamieson originally started tattooing in Perth WA then relocated to the sunny QLD city of Brisbane in 2010. Shes worked in many studios around the country and among some of the best artists in Australia.  

In January 2017 Peta opened her beautiful studio Tailor Made Tattoo in the heart of the Woolloongabba health district.

Peta predominantly works in illustrative, geometric and realistic styles however has expanded her knowledge to help in the cosmetic and reconstructive art to assist clients regain their lives after traumatic, medical and surgical situations.

If you'd like to make a booking or enquire about your next piece please click on the 'contact' page or TEXT 0423 176 620  with your NAME and a brief description of what you'd like to get done during business hours. She will contact you as soon as she can.



Cosmetic tattooing is such a rewarding part of my job. Being able to help people regain something they may have lost due to surgery, a medical condition or trauma is so amazing. If you are looking to define a feature or reconstruct a part of your body through cosmetic tattooing, please enquire via the contact page. For prices and services click here.

Welcome to Tailor Made Tattoo.

In March 2017 we celebrated SWINGING open the doors at TAILOR Made TATTOO by holding an epic open day. We had 7 artists, 3 food trucks, a barber and gave away huge prizes all while raising money for charity. We had so much fun. I'm so thankful to the artists who got involved and to Brisbane for welcoming us by celebrating with us on the day. We hope to do it again soon!!

Check it out the video attached  and keep an eye out for our next event by following @tailormadetattoo on instagram-

Frequently asked questions


How old do I have to be to get a decorative or cosmetic tattoo?

18. No younger. Its considered a form of child abuse if a minor under 18 is tattooed by someone. Both the tattooist and the parent of the child can suffer huge fines and imprisonment if they are caught. Also your body is still developing both physically and mentally. Your tattoo will warp and distort over your remaining growth spurts and you'll regret it later in life because (trust us) what you want at 12-17 is not what you'll want in your 20s/30s/40s. Laser hurts and cover-ups don't always turn out how you think they will.

How do I make an enquiry?

Please follow the contact page and fill in your name and enquiry. Our friendly manager will endeavour to contact you during shop hours.

How do I book a tattoo?

Easy, first we start with a consult appointment. From there we can discuss in person your idea, placement, size, colour etc. Please bring loads of printed references so you can show us the kinds of things you like. After all the details are discussed we can determine how much time your piece will take. Then we can look for a tattoo booking.

Do consults cost anything?

No. A chat is free.

Do I need to put down a deposit for the tattoo?

Yes. The deposit comes off the total amount at the completion of the tattoo. If a cancellation of a booked tattoo occurs within 48 hrs (2 days) of the date/time the deposit will be forfeit.

What should I do before I get tattooed?

Our general advise is..... Have a good nights sleep the night before. Have a good solid breakfast/lunch. Have a shower and put deodorant on. Wear appropriate clothing so your artist can get to the tattooed area easily and you're comfortable after the tattoos done. Bring lollies and water to maintain your sugar levels and to remain hydrated.

What does it feel like?

Everyone experiences getting tattooted differently and each body part feels different to get tattooted. Simply put there's nothing quite like it.

What does it feel like after?

Most people say it feels similar to a sunburn.

How do I look after my custom tattoo?


Leave any protective dressings applied by your artist on for a minimum of 2 hours. Only remove dressing in a clean area. Your new tattoo can be cleaned gently with the use of a dermatologically tested soap and water. Once clean, the area can be patted dry by a clean towel ONLY. Allow the area to dry naturally for about an hour. Apply the recommended ointment by your artist thereafter – making sure it is new and has not been used by any other persons. Apply the ointment as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat this practice a minimum of twice daily. Things to avoid: Do not re-dress your tattoo. Do not soak your tattoo – this includes – Swimming in private or public pools. Use of baths or saunas. Surfing or swimming in seas or oceans. Do not agitate the skin by picking, itching, or irritating the flaking skin. Pat the area/s gently to relieve any sensation of itchiness. Allow 7-21 days for a tattoo to heal as this time varies between clients. It is also recommended that a sunscreen be used that has a minimum rating of 50SPF+ to prevent fading and degradation of your tattoo. If any of the above needs further explanation please don't hesitate to call the shop. No question is a dumb question when it comes to good after care.

Do you do touch-ups?

Yes. We do free touch ups for custom tattoos within the first 4 months of your tattoo being done. We'd rather you have a tattoo that's 100% than one that's great but has a little spot that's missing a bit.

Enquiry form. Please fill in with your NAME, a brief DESCRIPTION about your tattoo, the PLACEMENT on your body, rough SIZE and a contact number.

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